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Capturing Luxury in Tulum: A Peek into 19zero3's Creative Journey in Mexico

Updated: Jan 30

In a time where the creative landscape is constantly evolving, 19zero3 continues to adapt and pivot. As a leader in the aspirational content space, we are committed to delivering unique and tailored solutions to our clients, and our latest adventure alongside Maxim Australia Magazine to Tulum was the perfect canvas for us to paint our creativity.

Tulum, a haven for luxury and boutique experiences, offered rich, diverse, and dynamic backdrops for our team to capture content. The vibrant colours, dynamic art, textures, and lush landscapes is a photographer’s paradise. From the pristine, white-sand beaches to the ancient Mayan ruins, each location was a testament to Mexico's vibrant culture and history.

Our time in Mexico was not merely a travel experience; it was a deep dive into a cultural education. The local flavours, traditional Mexican crafts, and the warm hospitality of the people further enriched the experience. Each interaction, each story, and each landscape added a unique dimension to our creative palette. The team experienced ancient Mayan cultures and significant archeological sites, as well as natural caves and Cenote's there was no shortage of content opportunities.

During our stay in Tulum we worked with Hotel Tiki Tiki, possibly Tulum's best kept secret?

Hotel Tiki Tiki is a small luxury 15 bedroom boutique hotel in the middle of the Holistika jungle in Tulum Town. With the owner and developer Arturo being a former Photographer and Architect no detail was left out. Hotel Tiki Tiki, designed in a Miami Beach Mid-Century-Moden Style that will make you wish you were living back in the 50's.

Our work in Tulum served as a testament to our ability to capture and enhance the essence of luxury in our creative solutions, while keeping culture at the forefront of the project. We leveraged our industry-specific skills and services, creating a seamless blend of photography + videography + digital storytelling. This creative synergy led us to produce content that truly resonates with our clients and sets us apart as industry innovators.

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